Is there such as thing as a healthy level of narcissism?

Why has someone’s pursuit of self knowledge, creative expression and a balanced sense of self esteem and self worth become reduced to pathology?  Can’t one establish a healthy sense of self worth/self esteem without becoming grandiose or overly self indulgent.? In the article below, Anita Felicelli writes a balanced and reflective review of modern theories of narcissism, referencing Kohut and Kernberg, to argue for a more balanced view of the this pathologically laden term.

How Critics Misunderstood and Misused a Powerful Idea | PopMatters.


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"As a psychotherapist, I am privileged to bare witness to personal growth --A growth that is achieved through the work of understanding one's self with the help of another." With over 10 years of experience providing psychotherapy to adults, children and families, Ms. Degeneffe practices psychoanalysis, CBT, and DBT. With a wide range of clinical experience, Ms. Degeneffe has helped adults and children struggling with life adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, trauma and ADHD.
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