Here’s a nice article emphasizing the importance of playing with your baby…although the research sited does not address the importance of ‘taking the child’s lead’ and expanding upon their interest in an object.  –A method which is even more effective in helping to not only improve attention and focus, but also in developing confidence.  A child ‘seen’ and appreciated by another will be an adult with healthy self esteem and a desire to see and appreciate others.  “Infants Learn to Pay Attention (or Not) From Watching Mom and Dad” 

Parents who focus on play may help babies develop critical skills that predict future success

Source: Infants Learn to Pay Attention (or Not) From Watching Mom and Dad


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"As a psychotherapist, I am privileged to bare witness to personal growth --A growth that is achieved through the work of understanding one's self with the help of another." With over 10 years of experience providing psychotherapy to adults, children and families, Ms. Degeneffe practices psychoanalysis, CBT, and DBT. With a wide range of clinical experience, Ms. Degeneffe has helped adults and children struggling with life adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, trauma and ADHD.
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